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Local Transportation Brand Refresh Brought Reindeer to the Streets

We designed a cohesive, easily recognizable, and distinctive look for Rovaniemi's local transportation service, reflecting the city's northern identity. The look has received much positive attention from both residents and visitors. While the local transportation look is distinctly its own, it was designed to complement the overall visual identity of Rovaniemi’s city communications.

A recognizable visual appearance also increases the visibility of public services

Increasing Visibility with a Brand Refresh

In 2018, the responsibility for organizing Rovaniemi’s local transportation entirely shifted to the city. Increasing passenger numbers was necessary in this new situation. Along with improving operations, there was an urgent need to enhance the visibility of local transportation services and strengthen communications, which required creating a new strong brand. The City of Rovaniemi organized a competition among advertising agencies to redesign the bus fleet’s appearance, with the winner implementing the brand refresh.

The tapes on the bus are in accordance with the visual appearance
The most visible part of the visual look is the bus tapes, where Rovaniemi's reindeer move along with the traffic with the northern lights in the background. Reindeer stand out from cars in different seasons. The photo was taken in front of Rovaniemi's central stadium on vuokasenkatu, which is the busiest thoroughfare for link traffic.

Reindeer Concept Won the Design Competition

Advertising Kioski won the competition with the idea of running reindeer, inspired by the Christmas Land reindeer sculpture at the airport, set against a backdrop of the northern lights. The illustration reflects Rovaniemi’s northern identity. Reindeer have historically been used for transporting goods and people. Lapland is a reindeer herding area, and Rovaniemi is its capital, so it’s no surprise that reindeer are still present everywhere: along roads, on plates, in street names, public art, and even in city plans. Reindeer are also a popular sight for many tourists visiting Rovaniemi. Therefore, it seemed fitting to use them as the symbol for the city’s public transportation.

The illustration’s color scheme, aside from referring to the northern lights, also hints at nature’s proximity (blue river, green forests) and public transport as a greener, more eco-friendly option. The entire local transportation brand image (logo and visual elements) is built around the running reindeer illustration, utilizing its color scheme and reindeer character.

We photographed bus tapes for marketing materials
We shot illustrations for the bus' marketing materials. They show local traffic cars in traffic at different times of the year.
The reindeer are part of the visual appearance of the bus
In addition to the northern lights, the color scheme of the illustration refers to the proximity of nature (blue river, green forests) and public transport as a greener, nature-friendly alternative.
Rovaniemen kaupungin Linkkarin tunnus.

The logo features a smiling Linkkari bus

The rebranding process had already begun with a naming contest aimed at city residents, which concluded with an idea competition. The contest was won by Linkkari, a local nickname for a bus. The competition gained significant national attention and received 750 name suggestions.

We have also designed a logo for Linkkari. The Linkkari emblem is a cheerful, forward-moving bus, with a running reindeer in the letter ‘K’ and a background inspired by the Northern Lights, reflecting its Rovaniemi origin.

Brändimanuaalissa esitellään Rovaniemen kaupungin Linkkarin visuaalinen ilme.
The brand manual compiles the visual appearance of public transport
The brand manual defines the brand and way of working for the entire local transport.
The bus website is part of the public services of the city of Rovaniemi
The public transport website was designed on the "blank base" used by the city, which contained sufficient functionalities and set exact limits for visual design.

Documenting the Visual Identity

We documented the new visual identity in a brand manual, which outlines the entire brand and operational guidelines for local transportation. The new brand image was extended to all of Rovaniemi’s public transportation materials, from websites to bus pass holders.

The icons illustrate the public services of the bus
We designed visual, visual icons for the bus services that can be used in different materials
Summer and winter timetables were planned for the bus according to the visual appearance
We have also planned summer and winter timetables and illustrated all local transport route maps
The map and card case were designed according to the visual appearance of the bus
The materials include a protective case for the bus card with a reflector. When the card case is waved with the reflective side forward at a dark bus stop, it is easy for the driver to notice a customer without a ride.

Increasing User Engagement and Revenue

The new bus look has garnered much positive attention and praise from city residents. Alongside the new look, updated websites and the implementation of the Waltti system have made information sharing and finding easier. The local transportation website saw a sixfold increase in page views in six months compared to the entire year of 2017.

Ticket revenue increased from the budgeted €700,000 to €760,000 between June and December 2018. The ability to purchase tickets online has also boosted the popularity of rechargeable travel cards, which are now more in use than ever before.

Advertising Kioski is a reliable, quick, and high-quality partner. Whether the order is urgent or not, the work is always consistent in quality. They listen to the customer and can suggest different options. They have a vision for problem-solving, but they don’t force their ideas through; instead, they work based on interaction.

The projects Advertising Kioski has done for the City of Rovaniemi have been fully functional and met expectations. We have been especially pleased that, with their help, we have managed to reach new audiences through social media.

Riikka Heikkilä, Communications Manager, City of Rovaniemi
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