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Logo and Brand Refresh for the Local Tire Shop

When the Rovaniemi-based auto repair and tire shop Polar Rengas started building new premises, it was time to update the company’s logo. Redesigning a logo is always a challenging task, especially for a local family business with a loyal customer base.

Designing a Logo Requires a Keen Ear and a Strong Vision

A logo strongly defines not only the visual appearance of a company but also the associated perceptions. Should it appear modern and streamlined, cozy and soft, or luxurious and prestigious?

A logo redesign requires the designer to have a keen ear and a strong vision. The new logo and look should feel authentic to the company and fresh yet recognizable to the customers – and they need to be satisfied with it for years to come.

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Logo Refresh Brought the Look into the 2020s

The old logo was playful and the colors were bright. The new logo was desired to be more streamlined, clear, and modern, yet still recognizable. The tire element, part of the company name, should be visible but in a stylish, understated way. There was also a desire to update the color scheme.

The client was satisfied with the final result. Applications range from illuminated signs to business cards, and from animated advertisements to workwear.

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From the Kioski Shelf: WordPress Website and WooCommerce Online Store

The tire trade is a competitive field where price comparison plays a significant role in purchasing decisions. Information is mostly sought online, as with other products. Tires come in a wide range of sizes and prices. Bringing the entire selection and up-to-date stock status to the website is a big job. Why not also create an online store that offers customers both information and an easy way to buy?

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