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Juto Rakennus

A New Name and Corporate Identity for a Construction Company

Founded in 1994, Länsi-Lapin Maalauspalvelu had expanded its operations over the years from surface treatment to becoming a comprehensive builder of new and renovation projects. The name no longer reflected the company's activities, and its image needed refreshing.

Rebranding is a significant undertaking, especially when everything, from the name onward, is changed after over 20 years of operation. Therefore, the idea needed some time to mature. After admiring Kioski’s work for another client, CEO Veijo Alaoja decided to contact us, and we immediately rolled up our sleeves.

Starting with Name Design

The name change was a crucial aspect of this project. We began work based on the client’s vision: the name had to be short and descriptive of the company’s activities. It was desired that it would have a story that could highlight the company’s strengths. Of course, it was essential to ensure that the chosen name was not already in use. We designed several options, which we discussed with the client. The decision did not come immediately, but after a few months, we reconvened, and the new name chosen was Juto Construction. “Juto” means reindeer. A good reindeer reliably leads the way and shows the path to those following behind. Juto Construction’s goal is also to be a pioneer in its field, especially in terms of quality. The new name was made official and is now also registered.

The name design moved on to the logo design.
In the logo of Juto Construction, you can see both the footprint of the reindeer and the head of the slotted screw.

Moving from Name Design to Logo Design

Since we had contemplated a lot about the company’s strengths and message during the name design, a good foundation had been laid for the logo and identity design. Naturally, the concreteness of the name was also a significant help in the design. In Juto Construction’s logo, you can see both a reindeer hoof print and the head of a screw. In addition to the name, it refers to both the company’s field of operation and its northern operating environment: Juto Construction has offices in Tornio and Rovaniemi, and its operating area covers northern Finland. The chosen colors are cool and stylish shades of the north, ranging from ice to polar blue. The Museo Sans font is sturdy, clear, and modern.

With the brand redesign, we designed a new graphic manual.
We created a graphic manual for Juto Construction. The graphic manual is a usage guide for the new brand identity, ensuring consistency across various marketing materials.
The graphic manual presents the new brand's colors.
We designed form templates in line with the brand redesign.

Communication is important in connection with a brand redesign

Although the redesign aims for broader visibility and customer base, existing partners and customers should not disappear with the old name. Therefore, attention must also be paid to communication during the redesign process. We knew well in advance the publication date of the website’s first version, which was synchronized with other communication measures. Since the publication took place just before Christmas, in addition to press releases and emails sent to customers, we also designed a Christmas card for customers and partners.

With the brand redesign, cards were designed to support communication.
Since the brand redesign was launched just before Christmas, we designed cards to support communication, sent to customers and partners.

The website is the first and most important application

The name change does not affect legal information like the business ID, but the website domain and email addresses are changing. Of all the applications, the website is crucial: it is where people check the accuracy of the information, and the company exists for others besides those who already know it. So that’s where we started. The first phase was published as planned on 18.12.2019, and with its publication, the old page ceased to exist. The transfer from the old domain to the new site was handled, as were the emails. So, if a customer habitually searches for Länsi-Lapin Maalauspalvelu online, they still end up in the right place, and emails sent to the old address don’t go to waste.

The website communicates the brand redesign.
The new look and name also required new websites, the first phase of which was published simultaneously with the brand redesign. The redesign is communicated on the website right away, so visitors redirected through the redirection know they have come to the right place.
Brändiuudistuksen myötä Juto tarvitsi uudet verkkosivut.
Verkkosivut ovat tärkeä sovellus brändiuudistuksen yhteydessä.
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