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Niemelä's Auto

Technically Versatile Website Saves Nerves and Endures Development

When even minor updates to Niemelä's Auto's website caused headaches, they called in the experts from Kioski. They wanted the new website to be top-notch in both functionality and appearance, while also honoring the family business's long history. Using the popular WordPress content management system and a successful integration, the website transformed from troublesome to lovable.

Niemelä’s Auto’s website needed an overhaul because updating it was laborious, it lacked essential content, and it wasn’t technically flexible anymore. The family business’s over 30-year history had also been completely neglected. We designed stylish and technically versatile websites that are easy to update, have excellent development potential, and ensure the used car inventory is always up-to-date thanks to successful integration. Alongside car sales, the website also tells the story of Niemelä’s Auto to visitors.

Niemelä's auto website front page and About us page
The customer-centric approach of Niemelä's Auto is evident on the website through both the site's intuitive product search features and the way the company presents itself.

The versatile WordPress publishing system facilitates content management and enables development

Niemelä’s Auto’s old website was built on a closed publishing system, which was difficult to use, and further development of the site on this platform was no longer sensible. The new site was built on an open-source publishing system, WordPress, whose flexible features allow for versatile development of the site in the future. Although the system’s content management is already user-friendly, Kiska’s coders have enhanced WordPress’s basic features to make page updates even easier for the client.

A smooth and modern user experience was desired. After careful consideration, a plugin that displays the search tools and results for used cars was selected. The chosen WP plugin was already the best for its purpose, and with Kiska’s own coding enhancements, it became even more functional. The financing calculator, seen alongside the used car pages, is the second part of the front-end that is more interactive than a typical page, as modern Vue.js code was integrated into WordPress. This allows the financing calculator to operate with sliders, making it more convenient and engaging than dull form-based calculations.

The hero section of the pageless product page and the Finance calculator
The details of the cars for sale are comprehensively presented on automatically updating product pages. Additionally, a financing calculator implemented on the pages makes it easy for the consumer to assess and find their desired financing terms.

The integration ensures real-time product inventory

At the heart of the website project was the integration of the Autovista Markkinamies system into the site. Through this integration, the information and images of used cars entered into the Autovista Markkinamies system are automatically displayed on the website, keeping the product inventory up-to-date in real-time. This allows the website to efficiently serve both visitors and the company itself. Despite the flexible content management system, manual editing of product information on the website is still possible, allowing for easy implementation of promotions and financing campaigns, for example.

To imbue the website with personality, a recognizable visual identity was designed based on Niemelä Auto’s logo and its essence. The goal was to create a high-quality but also a warm and approachable look in line with the company’s family values. New images were produced to complement the design, exuding dignity while authentically representing the company and its services. These photographs were captured by the skilled professional photographer Petri Teppo from Studio Arctic, following our guidance.

The textual content was crafted in a storytelling style to highlight Niemelä Auto’s relaxed and approachable atmosphere, without sacrificing professionalism. In addition to textual content, the company’s long history was presented through a visual timeline, narrating Niemelä Auto’s story with the help of old photographs.

An atmospheric close-up of the front of the car for sale
The subscriber obtained an equivalent, prestigious online presence for their brick-and-mortar store through stylishly captured illustrations of the premises and products. While images showcasing the company and its premises played a pivotal role, they were pleasantly complemented by general mood-setting images.
An illustration photo for a website of an employee finishing a car for sale
For example, the illustration photograph depicting an employee finalizing a car sale for the website played a crucial role in providing a cohesive and appealing representation of the business online. Additionally, through kind-hearted portraits of the staff, Niemelä Auto was portrayed online as the easily approachable family business that it truly is. Alongside traditional portraits, the staff was photographed in more informal, candid situations, adding to the overall impression of warmth and approachability.

Outstanding Results

The clear and stylish website has received excellent feedback. The search filters work well on mobile devices, the used car inventory is always up-to-date thanks to the integration, and the convenient finance calculator helps visitors find suitable options. Content management no longer causes headaches for the client – they learned to use it after the first training session. Now, they can make updates themselves and are no longer dependent on advanced coders. The family business’s history received its due respect, and the site as a whole effectively reflects what the young Tapani Niemelä wanted to offer his customers back in 1986 – expert car sales with a fair heart.

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