Hakukoneoptimointi (SEO) lisää verkkosivuvierailijoiden määrää sivustolla.Hakukoneoptimointi (SEO) lisää verkkosivuvierailijoiden määrää sivustolla.
Polar Rengas Oy

By optimizing your website for search engines, you increase visibility both on Google and among customers

When Polar Rengas' automotive repair services could only be found on the 5th page of Google search results, it was clear that people weren't finding their repair services online. By optimizing their website for search engines, we elevated the visibility of their repair services to a whole new level.

Polar Rengas had established itself as a knowledgeable tire shop over the years, but their auto repair services were overshadowed by their tire business. It seemed that people were unaware of their repair services: they visited the shop for tires but couldn’t find repair services when they needed them. Therefore, it was necessary to improve the visibility of their auto repair services online. We sought a solution through search engine optimization.

We began with the situation where Polar Rengas’ auto repair services could only be found on the 5th page of Google search results. It was no wonder people weren’t aware of their auto repair services. Our goal was to elevate Polar Rengas’ auto repair-related pages to the first page of organic search results. And indeed, that’s where they ended up!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent way to enhance the visibility of services on search engines.

Engine maintenance at a car repair shop

”With the new website, we have seen a clear increase in the number of new customers in both our repair and tire departments. Customers can now find our company when they need repair services as well.”

Toni Jääskö, CEO, Polar Rengas

Successful search engine optimization is a combination of many factors

To rank among the top results in organic searches, a website needs to be both content-rich and technically sound. The website must contain sufficient text and other content to be considered useful by search engines. Meanwhile, technical optimization ensures that search engines can navigate the site without encountering errors. When both aspects are in place, the result is a functional and reliable website that appeals to users and search engines alike.

Osuvien hakusanojen valinta

Finding relevant keywords

Through keyword research, we identified the most important keywords for Polar Rengas’ auto repair services and refined the text and image content on the repair pages using these keywords. Since the content on the auto repair pages was minimal, we added more text and images. It was essential to ensure that the text was genuinely useful to users while also being interesting to search engines.

Nopea hakuaika riemastuttaa hakurobottia

Fast loading times delight search engine bots

At the start of the project, we examined the site’s technical features. We improved the site’s loading time to ensure that search engine bots could quickly load the site’s subpages. Factors such as server location and site speed can improve the site’s standing in the eyes of Google, as it values swift performance.

Käyttäjäystävällinen linkitys

User- and search engine-friendly navigation and linking

We streamlined the site’s navigation structure and added internal links to create a hierarchy and facilitate user movement between pages. These links also help search engine bots navigate to the site’s subpages.

Myös fiksut URL-osoitteet auttavat

Utilizing URL addresses, title tags, and meta descriptions

We used the keywords identified through keyword research in the site’s URL addresses, title tags, and meta descriptions. Sensible URL addresses improve the site’s ranking in Google search results and are more understandable and trustworthy to users than long, unclear addresses. It’s also important for the site’s title tags and meta descriptions (which appear in Google search results as the site’s link and description, respectively) to be easy to read and engaging.

Google my business avuksi

Using Google My Business to improve local visibility

One essential aspect of local search engine optimization is the Google My Business profile. Google My Business is a free tool for businesses to standardize their contact information across Google services. We updated Polar Rengas’ Google My Business profile with current information and added content in the form of images and text. The information must be accurate because users can conveniently view the company’s location and take actions such as calling the company directly or visiting its website through the profile.


Results began to show within the first three months. After about six months, Polar Rengas appeared in the top seven organic search results for seven different automotive and tire-related search terms, including the Google My Business section. The fifth page of Google search results was merely a distant memory.

Organic traffic to the site increased by 34.45% in the first six months. During the same period, organic traffic from the Bing search engine increased by 137.14%. Overall, organic traffic increased by 5.5 percentage points compared to other acquisition channels over the course of a year.

Kävijämäärät hakukoneista lisaantyivät merkittävästi

Over a quarter, the Google My Business profile received 630 phone calls, 224 requests for directions, and 848 website visits during the quarter. According to profile search statistics, 36.9% of searches were direct searches (i.e., searches using the company’s name or address). However, the majority (59.5%) were discovery searches, which are searches based on category, product, or service. Thus, selecting the right keywords is crucial!

According to Polar Rengas’ staff, the successful optimization of the website has also translated into tangible results at their physical store:
“The number of new customers has increased both in our repair and tire departments. Customers can now find our company when they need repair services as well.”

Ilkka Väyrynen

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