Somesuunnitelma auttaa jatkuvassa sisällöntuotannossa.Somesuunnitelma auttaa jatkuvassa sisällöntuotannossa.
Haawe Boutique Apart Hotel

Getting Social Media Channels in Shape with Strategic Content Production

Haawe's social media channels had stagnated after an active start. We revitalized Haawe's social media presence through comprehensive planning and active content production.

In April 2019, there was complete silence on Haawe’s social media channels. The last active updates were made in January 2019. Based on the social media channels, it seemed as if the entire hotel no longer existed. However, the hotel had an interesting story, impressive interior design, and a slightly different service concept – plenty of potential for captivating social profiles. We developed a comprehensive social media plan, or a social media strategy, to guide content production. Within just a few months, Haawe’s Instagram followers doubled, and its social media presence transformed from dormant to engaging.

Quality Social Media Content Requires Investment

In the tourism industry, the significance of social media as a marketing and communication channel has grown immensely. Travelers increasingly search for their dream holiday destination, activity, or hotel among Instagram’s visually appealing images. To reach customers, a tourism service provider’s Instagram profile must look good and make potential customers envision themselves in the places depicted in the images.

Generating interesting content ideas and planning require time investment, and quality photographs don’t materialize on their own. Fortunately, Haawe had produced some impressive photos for marketing. However, there was a lack of human resources for maintaining social media presence, so Haawe commissioned Kioski for the entire process, from planning to content production.

With our content production, Haawe’s Instagram became active.

Tekemämme sisällöntuotannon avulla Haawee Instagram muuttui aktiiviseksi.

A Unified Story with the Social Media Plan

While creating Haawe’s social media plan, we considered not only channel selection, content, and buyer personas but also Haawe’s social media tone of voice, visual identity, and the use of ads and influencers. We designed a cohesive approach that is unified, approachable, and exudes design – just like the hotel itself. With a good plan and sufficient visual material, content production started quickly, initially with 4–5 posts per week. The frequency of posts improves their visibility and maintains follower engagement – leading to organic growth in followers.

Teimme Haaweelle sisällöntuotantoa Instagramiin.

Reaching the Audience is a Combination of Information and Testing

We chose Instagram as the primary channel, with Facebook utilized alongside it. After defining the guidelines and starting content production, advertising began. The goal of advertising was to increase followers but especially to drive potentially interested customers to visit the website. There are many options for targeting advertising on social media, and only through experimentation can the right target groups and effective ad formats be found.

Utilizing data compiled by the local marketing organization, we searched for target groups and countries where the message about Haawe would be received with particular interest. As website visitor numbers began to rise, we created new campaigns targeted at those already interested in the company – remarketing campaigns generally have better conversion rates than advertising to a cold audience.


An adept agency helps leverage the latest features

Haawe faced the same social media challenge as many other companies – a lack of expertise. Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and learning about changes to their features and functions takes time. In many companies, social media is managed by marketing or customer service staff whenever they have the time, as hiring a dedicated full-time social media expert is not always possible. In such cases, there isn’t enough time for learning new skills, channels are not utilized effectively, and most functions remain untapped. This can erode both organic and paid visibility of posts since platforms like Instagram favor “interesting” profiles – those that use their tools extensively.

In Haawe’s content production on Instagram, we have utilized features such as Stories and created Highlights to organize information about Haawe’s services and the best moments from user-generated content, making it easily accessible to customers. In advertising, we have used various targeting options on Facebook from custom audiences to lookalike audiences.



Developing social media profiles requires patience, as it takes time to see sustainable results. A functional social media profile is an essential tool for brand building, increasing visibility, and engaging with customers and other stakeholders.

Haawe’s Instagram followers have grown by 250% since we took over. The number continues to grow steadily, gaining new followers daily. Additionally, Haawe’s sales are increasing, with most of its website visitors coming from social media. All of this has been achieved in just six months, so we can expect good results to continue in the future.


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