Haawe Boutique Apart Hotel

Strengthening the Brand with a Compelling Story

Haawe Boutique Apart Hotel is an intriguing small hotel located in the heart of Rovaniemi, offering plenty for design enthusiasts. Despite its understated and sleek logo and expertly captured, stylish rooms, the hotel struggled to attract customers - both to its website and to the hotel itself. Thus, Haawe reached out to Kioski to address this issue.

Unique Perspectives on Experiencing Rovaniemi

A visit to Haawe’s website revealed the problem. The site had technical issues, and its textual content was of poor quality and sparse, providing little value to both search engines and potential customers looking for a hotel. It was challenging to position the hotel in Rovaniemi, Lapland, or even Finland based on the website alone. The hotel’s branding had focused solely on the stylish interior of the rooms, overlooking its truly multidimensional and fascinating story. By leveraging this narrative, Haawe’s brand could gain significantly more traction.

We defined three dimensions for Haawe’s story, each providing a unique perspective on experiencing Rovaniemi: Lapland’s nature, refined design, and the significance of Haawe’s building in the cityscape. We crafted Haawe’s new core message around these elements and sourced high-quality, authentic visual material to support the story. Our work continued with defining the visual identity, after which we redesigned all marketing materials, starting from the website.

Haawe website and view from the Northern Lights room
While Haawe's message evolved during the brand clarification process, refined design remains a strong part of it. The stylish room images align well with the new message.

Abundance of Online Content…

Critical materials for sales were the website and social media channels. Content production for social media began immediately after the new core message was approved. The website was implemented in two phases: first, we addressed the major issues, and then we focused on content production. Since our goal was to have highly optimized pages, we created plenty of useful and engaging content related to Rovaniemi for travelers considering a trip there. Without the multifaceted story, this would have been quite a challenge for a 14-room aparthotel. Haawe’s narrative naturally connects it to Rovaniemi’s history and attractions, Finnish design, and Lapland’s nature – topics that interest travelers and are used in search queries when planning a trip.

Haawe website and the Ice room inspired by a natural phenomenon
Content inspired by the natural phenomena that influenced the room decor was created for the website, providing visitors with an experience as well as information on activities and conditions in Rovaniemi throughout the seasons.
Haawe web pages history timeline responsiveness
Haawe's building has witnessed Rovaniemi evolving from a village to a city. Its story appeals not only to tourists but also to locals.
Haawe website history timeline on a mobile device
Haawe website history timeline on a phone

…Without Forgetting Print

The rich and high-quality content produced for the web could be utilized in various ways. It helped in planning social media content and provided ideas for service development. There was also a need for stylish and informative printed materials. Rovaniemi attracts numerous media groups, so we wanted to create a printable press kit for Haawe and its story. For trade fair use, we produced a brochure suitable for a design hotel, emphasizing Haawe’s perspective on Rovaniemi, as well as postcard handouts featuring stunning nature images depicting the themes of the rooms.

Haawe trade fair brochure cover catches the eye
The two-part cover of the trade fair brochure entices to turn the page Haawe trade fair brochure inner pages
Haawe messuesitteen sisäsivut

For Haawe, the hotel book had two roles: it needed to contain instructions for using the devices in the rooms and essential information for guests, but it also had to serve as an elegant coffee table book that would complement the room decor.

The appearance of the Haawe hotel book is suitable for stylish rooms
The hotel book contains a lot of information and beautiful visuals.
Haawe press kit
The press kit provides media representatives with information about the hotel's unique features and services.
Haawe press kit aukeama
Each Haawe room has a personalized greeting card
Since Haawe's check-in process is automated, and the doors have electric locks that open with a code, guests may not meet anyone upon arrival. Therefore, we designed elegant cards for Haawe, allowing guests to leave a welcome message in their room.
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