Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

A Successful, Unified Brand Image Supports Success

When we started working with Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, we were faced with a significant challenge: the hotel aimed to become as globally known as its major competitors within a year of opening. The goal was to create a phenomenon.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is a high-end establishment that has significantly boosted Rovaniemi’s appeal in the accommodation sector with its concept that combines Nordic design, appreciation of Arctic nature, and a unique lodging experience.

Rising to prominence in a competitive industry requires more than just a unique venue; it demands exceptional marketing materials. The brand image must distinctively convey the uniqueness of the hotel, and all marketing materials, from room number signs to promotional videos, must support the brand. We embraced this challenge eagerly, as it allowed us to be part of creating a truly special brand from the start.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel talvella
Magnetic Wooden Door Signs
We designed and conceptualized magnetic wooden door signs that don't fall off and, most importantly, don't rattle even in strong winds.
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel logo

Logo: Design for Design

Our work began with logo design, followed by creating the visual identity and basic materials. The logo needed to convey elegance and longevity, so we made it as simple as possible, without embellishments or separate marks. The logo’s colors reflect the hotel’s earthy and warm color palette.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel Elegant Business Cards
The business cards were given a touch of elegance through thickness, embossed paper, and bronze foiling of the logo.
Yhtenäinen brändi-ilme ja markkinointimateriaalit tukevat yrityksen menestystä.

Marketing Key Image, “The World Famous Picture”

Next, we planned and executed the photoshoots required for pre-marketing and created the brand’s key image. As stated by the editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue, “the world famous picture” has impressed countless tour operators, influencers, and journalists. The image was used in an ad in Finnair’s Blue Wings magazine in December 2016, with which we won the Magazine Association’s Monthly Magazine Ad Competition. We also created an animated version of the picture, where the Northern Lights dance above the pine cone suite.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotelin nettisivusto

Benchmark-Worthy Website

We designed and built the website entirely. The goal was to create stylish, user-friendly pages that clearly showcase the hotel’s uniqueness. In addition to designing the structure, technical implementation, layout, and texts, we also produced much of the visual content on the site. The site is built on a customized WordPress platform tailored to the client’s needs, allowing them to easily update content as needed. The website has performed as intended and has also caught the attention of other industry players: several of our clients have used it as an example of beautiful and functional websites without knowing it was our work!

Leather Key Case
In addition to the hotel book, we conceptualized and designed a stylish leather key case to protect the key, ensuring that even an ordinary-looking key matched the hotel's image.

Hotel Book That Was Too Good

Before the grand opening, we still had to design the hotel’s signage, room numbers, key protector, and hotel book. The hotel book was to be special: it needed to seamlessly fit into the carefully designed rooms. Since the book contains information about additional services and instructions for using the devices in the room, it needed to entice guests to open and read it. In addition to high-quality visuals and careful text design, the choice of paper was crucial to ensure the visuals stood out. The cover paper chosen was Curious Metallics Ice Silver to spark extra interest. The first version of the hotel book turned out to be too appealing: guests took the books with them!

Hotellikirjan aukeama 1
Hotellikirjan aukeama 2


The goal of gaining global attention and achieving at least the same level of recognition as the top competitors within a year was ambitious. However, the goals were met and even exceeded: in 2016, 117 articles about the hotel were published, with an estimated advertising value of over 14 million euros. Notable design, fashion, and travel publications such as Wallpaper, Italian Vogue, ARK, Lonely Planet, and many others have featured the hotel. It has also been mentioned in Business Insider, The Telegraph, and The Mirror.

Vuonna 2017 hotellin liikevaihto kasvoi 57 % ja liikevoitto 3,5 %.

2017 Revenue Growth

In 2017, SantaPark Oy, the company behind Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, saw its revenue grow by 57%, from 2.2 million to 3.5 million euros. Despite significant investments, operating profit increased by 3.6%. In 2018, revenue grew to 5.8 million euros, and operating profit rose by 9.8%.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel has successfully participated in hospitality competitions since its completion. It won the Luxury Forest Resort category at the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2018 and several categories including Luxury Design Hotel, Luxury Small Hotel, and Luxury Hotel in 2017. Additionally, it has won awards at the Evento Awards and World Hospitality Awards. The materials we created have fueled this success. Video materials made for the competitions have also been used in other hotel marketing efforts. The hotel’s high visibility continues to attract regular customers and social media influencers, further boosting its global presence.

We have worked with Advertising Kioski since the beginning of our company’s journey, and they are undoubtedly the best partner in their field. Kioski has exceeded our expectations year after year. Even with very tight deadlines, they have found good solutions and have always been ready to do a bit more to achieve our goals. When we decide to invest in something, Kioski handles it with enthusiasm and diligence, surprising us with new ideas. Advertising Kioski is proactive and brings forth various solutions to challenges. They know our company inside out and are a crucial part of our development.

Experience Director Katja Ikäheimo-Länkinen, SantaPark
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel look of the bus
We have applied a visual look to the appearance of the bus line running between the hotel and the city center.
Ilkka Väyrynen

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