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Layout, Illustrations, and Infographics for the Electronic Handbook on Hybrid Work

When the Family-Friendly Hybrid Work in Lapland (ESR) project needed a skilled partner to finalize the handbook produced in the project, we eagerly accepted the challenge. A small print run of the book was produced, but its primary distribution was as an e-book.

E-books require a professionally executed layout to ensure their content is as clear and accessible as possible. The layout of an e-book considers recommendations for the accessibility of digital content. Compared to printed books, the font size in e-books is larger, and less text is placed on each “page.”

In addition to the layout, we created illustrations and infographics that support the content. The illustrations, styled in a relaxed manner, were intended to depict various employees and remote work situations. To balance the emphasis on home offices, we wanted to illustrate the broad possibilities of multi-location work—such as the cover image showing an employee holding a remote meeting in a mountainous landscape. These work depictions also highlight the handbook’s central theme, work well-being.

Piirroskuvituksessa henkilö istuu laavulla kannettava tietokone sylissään

The publication of the Family-Friendly Hybrid Work in Lapland (ESR) project, “HYBRID WORK HANDBOOK – A GUIDE TO FLEXIBLE MULTI-LOCATION WORK,” can be found in its entirety in the University of Lapland’s electronic publication archive, Lauda (Hybrid Work Handbook: A Guide to Flexible Multi-Location Work). It is worth exploring if you are interested in electronic publication layout, but also and especially if you need information on promoting and developing a flexible remote work culture. This useful guide provides tips that are now also in use at Kioski.

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