Arctic TreeHouse Hotel woman running on snow in winterArctic TreeHouse Hotel woman running on snow in winter
Photography Services

Versatile photography services put the finishing touch on your brand identity

In addition to logos, colors, and fonts, the photographs used in a company's communication materials also define its brand identity. For businesses that prioritize uniqueness, authenticity, and locality, generic stock photos can undermine credibility. Producing brand-specific images is therefore a worthwhile investment for these businesses. Whether it's portraits, product shots, or image branding, Kiosk serves its clients in this area. We have skilled photographers on staff, and if needed, we bolster our team with partners. Our image editors get the most out of the produced images – and if necessary, they can even create summer in the middle of winter.

Siida Landing page image

Up-to-date images for websites – Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida

When we were commissioned to create a website for Northern Lapland’s most popular attraction, we encountered a familiar problem: the image material was outdated, and there were hardly any images that met the quality requirements of modern websites. We conducted the shoots at Siida as part of the project.

We planned the subjects to be photographed together with the client, based on what was most critical for the implementation of the website. The main subjects were the main image placed on the front page and functional images where visitors explore Siida’s content.

Siida's staff welcomes customers
Siida's customers enjoy the exhibition
At Siida, the customer comes into contact with Sámi culture
There is a lot to see in Siida
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel on a winter day

World-famous brand image – Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where we need a photo for marketing a place that doesn’t even exist yet. This was the case with Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in the fall of 2016: the hotel wouldn’t be completed until November of the following year, but marketing efforts needed to be in full swing. Given that this was the tourism industry, where the importance of visual material is even more pronounced than in other sectors, and with a completely new hotel concept, the main image for marketing needed to be striking and evoke strong imagery.

Fortunately, prototypes of the hotel’s accommodation units had been built, which, when photographed, provided an authentic image as the basis for the main image. The prototype was photographed, and the surrounding landscape was edited to resemble the environment where the finished hotel units would be located. The hotel’s architecture was designed for ideal viewing of the Northern Lights and other celestial phenomena, so the main marketing image also features the Northern Lights. The result was highly successful and helped build the hotel into a phenomenon. The editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue, who visited the hotel, referred to the image as “the world-famous picture.” In addition to the main marketing image, we have produced a lot of image material for the hotel’s website.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel and warm atmosphere
Restaurant Rakas outside in winter
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel brand image
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel design and comfort
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel environment in summer
Arcitc TreeHouse Hotel cabin wall texture
Kursulainen rye bread on the table

Product photography for classic pastries – Kursulainen

In 2017, we were commissioned to create the website for the beloved Eastern Lapland bakery, Kursulainen. Since Kursulainen has loyal fans who regularly order products from various parts of Finland, the website was immediately built as an online store. Therefore, presenting the products was crucial: the store needed to sell effectively while also respecting the customers’ special relationship with the products.

Kursulainen had never commissioned product photography, and unsurprisingly, traditional Sámi recipes such as barley flatbreads, rye bread with bran, and Finnish pasties did not have images available in stock photo libraries. We decided to immediately photograph all of Kursulainen’s products in a manner consistent with the brand. We created a warm and nostalgic atmosphere suitable for traditional products in the images. Brand colors were used as decorative elements. Although it may be hard to believe when looking at the photos, the shoots were conducted in our office studio, far from the warmth of the baking oven. The brand-consistent product photos created a cohesive and strong identity for the website and are easy to use in all marketing materials.

Curly rye bread and a dollop of butter
Kursulainen flatbread on a table
Kursulainen baguette wrapped in a cloth on the table next to a glass of water
A collection of buns on the table
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