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Websites are your company’s digital business card and often the first place potential customers learn about your business. Good websites are therefore essential when you want to stand out from your competitors and grow your business.

The first thing visitors form an opinion of when they come to your site is not a single image, references, logos, or team introductions. Although these are important elements of your website, visitors evaluate them later. The very first thing visitors assess is the overall impression: does your website look professional and trustworthy?

You create a credible first impression with the professional appearance of your website

For most people, a company’s credibility is based on the appearance of its website.

When a potential customer or partner finds your company for the first time, you want to make a good first impression – because you don’t get a second chance. The visitor assesses in a fraction of a second what your website looks like to them. At the same time, they decide whether they want to do business or collaborate with you.

The majority of first impressions come from the design of your site: its visual appeal, clarity of structure and content, and user-friendliness. Design impacts all your online activities from website traffic to sales. If your website is cluttered and inconsistent, a visitor may conclude that the same terms apply to your business. If your excellent and useful product or service is presented on an outdated, unprofessional-looking website, you may be excluded from the list of credible companies before you even get a chance to talk about your product or service.

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